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Eat your fill of sushi

Why be wrapped up in the constraints of set sushi entrees? At Restaurant Kunio, we have an a la carte sushi menu so you can pick and choose your favorite types of sushi to eat. We have everything from fish to sea urchin and eel!

Restaurant Kunio offers the best Japanese cuisine in all of Hawaii. We're open all week from Monday to Sunday!

Take a break from cooking tonight. Bring the entire family out!


Sushi a la Carte


Our fish are brought in fresh daily. Your taste buds will be delighted!

Not only are our sushi dishes delicious, but they are healthy for you too! Treat yourself out!

We have options that don't have fish in them, such as California rolls.

Tuna Sushi

Tuna sushi is a popular type of sushi, known for its characteristic of dark redness. If you've never had sushi before, this is a great place to start. It's popular for a reason!

California Roll

If you don't really like fish but still enjoy sushi, California rolls are a good choice. They are filled with avocado, cucumber, and synthetic crab meat. These are also very popular!

Marbled Tuna





Giant Clam

Sweet Shrimp

Red Snapper

Freshwater Eel

Saltwater Eel





Tuna Roll

Salmon Skin Roll

California Roll

Salmon Roe

Sea Urchin

Spicy Scallop

Cucumber Roll

Spicy Tuna Roll

California Rolls Shrimp Sushi